Coming together in 2018 – a cordial approach

January 17th, 2018Comments Off on Coming together in 2018 – a cordial approach

In our 10th anniversary year, and as our membership nears 300, we face new challenges.  A number of our interest groups have waiting lists and it can be harder for new members to feel involved in an organisation this size.  The committee are looking at this and would welcome your feedback on how we can do even better.  

Stewartry U3A upholds the principles of the University of the Third Age in offering members the opportunity to Live, Learn and Laugh, as the slogan says.  We strive at all times to be inclusive and open to new and different ideas. We believe our members share our respect for other people’s rights to their views and, in so doing, recognising their individuality.  Respecting other people’s dignity, treating them fairly and behaving appropriately towards them is a central tenet of Stewartry U3A’s vey being.  To this end, our existing Problem and Grievance Resolution procedure now sits alongside a Bullying, Harassment and Equal Opportunities policy.  

We hope that any member who has a problem with access, or feels that someone is not respecting them, will approach their group facilitator or a committee member to talk the matter over.  If the problem persists we will follow the steps in our policies to resolve them.

This is a call for every member to come along side and work with us to make Stewartry U3A an inclusive and effective organisation for us all.  


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