Gardening Group 1 visit Kilnpotlees

June 27th, 2017Comments Off on Gardening Group 1 visit Kilnpotlees

Gardening Group 1’s latest visit was to a garden at Kilnpotlees on a hill above Kettleholm near Lockerbie.

The garden has been created by Jeannie Jones over recent years and is full of rare, unusual and exotic plants and trees many grown from seed by Jeannie who is an enthusiastic plantswoman and who has regularly visited Bhutan and other countries in the Himalayas. In taking the group round the garden she gave the origin and name of the plants.

She then surprised everyone by showing another garden where she grew soft fruits and vegetables as well as her nursery for her exotic plants.

The group was then treated to some amazing tray bakes!






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