May Meeting – 23rd May

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Bessie MacNicol – The Glasgow Girl who painted the Glasgow Boy

Our speaker this month is Stewartry U3A member Sandra Walsh, who will tell about the fascinating life of Bessie MacNicol.

In Broughton House in Kirkcudbright you will find a captivating portrait of Edward Atkinson Hornel.  It shows a confident and successful young artist standing in front of a lively wall hanging brought from his recent travels in Japan.  It was executed not by one of Hornel’s influential colleagues such as James Guthrie or John Lavery, but by a young and ambitious woman who had lately graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with the first cohort of female students – Bessie MacNicol.    Who was she, what was her connection with Hornel, and how did her work develop?  Quoting from her correspondence with Hornel and contemporary sources, this talk will explore Bessie’s enigmatic and unfulfilled relationship with Hornel, her development as a gifted portrait painter, and the tragic end of her life. With Margaret Andrews as the voice of Bessie and Mike Lawton as the (mainly) hostile critics.

As usual we meet at 2pm in Castle Douglas Parish Church in Queen Street and will have tea, biscuits and a good chat after.   Please can members who are able to walk up to the church park on Queen Street as in the past less able members have been unable to attend as they could not park close to the church.

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