Our ‘Great Tapestry of Scotland’ Trip

January 3rd, 2015Comments Off on Our ‘Great Tapestry of Scotland’ Trip

TapestryIt’s the history of Scotland from ice age to modern times designed by an artist and stitched by more than a 1,000 people throughout the land from Thurso to Gatehouse of Fleet!

Our last visit of 2014 was to view this acclaimed tapestry (although it is in fact an embroidery) currently displayed in the World Heritage Centre of New Lanark. It did not disappoint as we viewed the 160 panels, which used 300 miles of yarn, took 65,000 hours of stitching, 2 years to complete and is longer than the Bayeux tapestry!

45 members, friends and family travelled to New Lanark last week, some of us for the second or third time of viewing and were amazed by both the historical narrative and the craftsmanship of each panel.

TapestryWe were delighted to have a direct link with this work of art and embroidery. Helen Keating and Anne Ackerley both members of U3A were involved, and along with other colleagues in the Galloway Branch of the Embroider’s Guild, took the panel home and in turns stitched ‘Bruce’s Siege of Carlisle and the Beginning of the Little Ice Age’. One of the stitchers takes sewing in Kirkbean School and some of the children were involved in sewing a few stitches however it was Helen who stitched our well loved and local‘belties’! We too had the opportunity to add a stitch or two in the ‘Peoples Panel’ – work in progress and a challenge for a few of us!

Final comments on this unique exhibition were many – the range of colour; skilful textural depiction; variety of stitches; freeze frames of history and too much to see in one visit. (We believe it will be exhibited in Stirling Castle in the New Year). Our thanks to Vanessa Enos for her excellent organisation of a truly memorable last 2014 trip for us all.

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