The Wine Tasting Group Report on Sicilian Wines

April 30th, 2017Comments Off on The Wine Tasting Group Report on Sicilian Wines

This event was hosted by Chris and Jean Ingram, at Millburn House, Kirkcudbright.

As we gathered in the front room of their comfortable home, we were treated to a lovely welcoming glass of Prosecco. We then proceeded in to their dining room where the large table was fully stocked with a most delightful selection of breads, cheeses, home cooked sausages, pates and crisps.

What followed was an opportunity to sample 5 wines from the Mediterranean island of Sicily, combined with a very pleasant mix of food and conversation.

Our first was a 2016 white by the name of “Peach Stone“, made by Frederica Lauterio, which retails at £8.29. At 12.0%, it was supposed to offer a peach blossom, apricot and citrus aromas, with ripe white peach flavours mixed with a limey, tangy finish. The general consensus was that it failed, in many ways to live up to its’ description.

Number two was another white called “Trazzera Fiano” (2015). This is made by the globetrotting winemaker named Giorgio Flessati. Retailing at £8.49 its’ alcohol content was at 13.0%. This promised a bright citrus and apple and almond nose with a creamy almond richness, balanced by zingy pear and apple flavours. It did not disappoint. Most of the group liked this white better than the first.

The third wine we tasted was called “Torretta del Lago Rosso” (2015), also at 14% alcohol, and made by Leonardo Urso, retailing at ££8.99. This time we were looking forward to dried fig and cherry aromas, mixed with spice and black pepper. The taste was heralded as velvety, packed with dense black fruit and spice. Another resounding ‘thumbs up’ for this wine, whose grapes benefit from ripening in the rich heat of the Sicilian sun.

Our fourth wine was a red called “Massivo Nero d’Avola“, (2015) 14%. This can be purchased for £8.99 a bottle. It was, we generally agreed, another powerful, rich spicy wine, smelling of prunes, blackberry and liquorice. This one tasted of a rich, complex, dark fruitiness and was favoured by the majority of the members.

The resoundingly successful evening was topped off with a final red going by the name of “Di Prima Syrah” (2014). This sells at £9.99 and is 14%. The maker is Davide di Prima, whose grandfather planted the vines decades ago. Its’ nose was supposedly one of rich black fruit with mocha, with a complex, elegant plum, pepper and chocolate flavour. Most of the group thought this wine was absolutely superb! I love wines which offer up an intriguing new set of flavours. This was, for my taste, one of those.

What a great way to enjoy a delightful, convivial evening!

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